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Tailor the above recommendations to your personal needs and lifestyle. If you’re a vegetarian drop the bacon and steak, but keep the whey protein and eggs. If you have an injury that prevents you from heavy weightlifting, move as much as you can in the way that you can. There are no studies out there which can tell you exactly what will happen if you do X and Y, but not Z. And I certainly can’t tell you either. Don’t be afraid of self-education – that’s how I learned all this – and embrace the idea of conducting your own experiment and being your own test subject. Incorporate as many of the recommendations above as you’re comfortable with, consult your doctor, and track your results.

"I'm 53 years old and my passion is surfing the oceans worldwide – big waves. Since taking Andro400, I'm now down to my ideal weight – from 185 to 175 now which is probably a net 15 pound loss, taking into account that the increased muscle I have now is heavier than the fat it replaced. My energy level is up. I feel strong and more physically fit in general. Also, from surfing I have been injured many times – for example I've broken my neck and pelvis among other things. Taking Andro400, I have much less pain overall – and I've been able to take less pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs .”
-- Marc Magana, San Marcos, CA

I would like to underline your mention that it is the oxidized oils that cause problems in the circulatory system, whether it is veins, arteries or the heart. When cholesterol (or proteins or phospholipids), as an emulsifying agent, is transporting damaged (oxidized) oils in the blood, serious damage occurs. The lining of the circulatory system is scarred. From there it is down hill, as the body attempts to cover and then repair the scar, but in the process you have plaque, occlusion, loss of flexibility, etc. It's a downward spiral. All from eating oxidized fats, whether monounsaturated like olive oil, or polyunsaturated like fish oil. Cholesterol is only a transport mechanism. It does no damage by itself. It takes the ruined oil to cause the damage.

Increase testosterone pills

increase testosterone pills


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